Some news from Cellcom in the middle of the fall holidays…



OK. After a short break for holidays, which included endless feasts with friends and family and three days of festivities on Kineret, I’m finally back in business.

As expected, on holidays our mobile market is quite. It seems that the operators used their advertising budgets during the summer and now the enjoy the holidays too. The only new promotion belongs to Cellcom. The TV spot quite intriguing (I’ll try to publish it soon) though the message is not clear enough IMHO. The spot presents a shy guy in a train who doesn’t have the courage to speak to a beautiful girl. So, he switches their phones, jumps out of the train and then calls her. I don’t sure whether a real girl would like this trick but Cellcom thinks this will bring the customers to its website to examine a new range of devices for upgrading. That’s the message in the end.

A visit to Cellcom’s website showed that the message in the spot is a bit misleading. There is no new devices. Actually the operator introduces a new offer for existing customers to 3G upgrade. This includes 13 well known devices (such as LG Viewty, Sony Ericson w910i, Nokia 6500) for ILS 15×36 months. Now, when commitments longer than 18-months are forbidden, long payment programs become the ultimate tool for retention. However, I want to check what happens with the regulator’s intentions to put an end to this kind of deals too.

Cellcom banner

Cellcom banner

The banner says: “A range of advanced devices of 3G and 3.5G for 15×36” and then “Find the catch in the small letters”. When one enters the site he discovers that the “catch” is that the promotion is only for existing customers.

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