Sukkot special

As I said in the previous post, I’ve passed the last weekend splashing around in the water thinking of irrelevant issues. One thought that has visited my beer fueled mind was linked to the next holiday of Sukkot (which starts today). It’s widely known that Sukkot marks one of the stops in the desert of the Israelites after they left Egypt.

…On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is the Festival of Sukkot, seven days for the L-RD. -Leviticus 23:34

The word Sukkot is the plural of the Hebrew word sukkah, meaning booth or hut. During this holiday, Jews are instructed to build a temporary structure in which to eat their meals, entertain guests, relax, and even sleep. The sukkah is reminiscent of the type of huts in which the ancient Israelites dwelt during their 40 years of wandering in the desert after the Exodus from Egypt, and is intended to reflect God’s benevolence in providing for all the Jews’ needs in the desert. More on Sukkot in Wikipedia

So I’ve thought to myself. If Moses&co could have had mobile phones with them in the desert how useful this could be. And then I started to think which services they could possibly use. Below is a short list

  • Let’s start from the basics. Voice services. I’m sure Moses would be happy to know what happened in the end of the column of marching Jews while he follows the pillar of cloud. So he needed a PTT device with unlimited plan, to talk freely to his men (e.g. Yehoshua Bin-Nun)
  • Now, they would have surely needed roaming service as they traveled from one place to another. This of course in case that Egypt, Sinai and the Land of Canaan had the same standard of cellular network. Otherwise each one of the 600,000 Jews who left Egypt would have had to visit service centers and change his devices.
  • Some kind of navigation service is “must” when traveling in the desert. It could be a built-in GPS or network based LBS. Such a service could for sure bring the people home faster then in 40 years.
  • Content. When you are traveling for a long time, a source of relevant news and entertainment is a basic need. Some political news, games and weather forecast would be fine.

That’s all for now. If somebody thinks of another useful services or marketing moves suitable for desert 3000 years ago, feel free to add a comment.

2 Responses to Sukkot special

  1. stavik says:

    sukot sameah, mic.
    may Instant messaging with god 😉

  2. stavik says:

    I meant, MAYBE

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