Mobile POS of the Holy Land #2

The operators are still in their Sukkot sleepiness, nothing new on the market. So I’ve rummaged through some old staff and here is some delicious “oldies” for you:

Last spring Partner has launched a memory back-up application called ORANGE FOREVER. The carrier offered to store user’s phone book, multimedia files, messages etc. on it’s server and then get an access to all this through a PC or any other device connected to the Internet.

Orange Forever

Orange Forever

The offer was heavily promoted in electronic and printed media. Cellcom, which has launched a

Orange Forever

Orange Forever

similar service at about the same time, used a different approach. The service was soft launched and while ORANGE FOREVER was endowed with an “experience component”, Cellcom positioned it’s service as a useful technical tool only. The difference is clearly demonstrated by the name of the service. The poetic “ORANGE FOREVER” vs “Content back-up service” from Cellcom.

Partner’s promotions for the service resembled somehow a campaign by O2 UK for a similar service named “My Bluebook“. Highly emotional advertising conveyed the message that with O2 nothing is lost. The key difference though, between the Bluebook and Israeli offers are…the money. In UK the service is free and provided as a part of a social network. Thomas Husson from Jupiter even suggested that the real target is to get a control over the users’ address books which will allow additional services.

Here is also the TV spot

and for a comparison Cellcom’s back-up service commercial

Orange devices

The next item is a Partner’s brochure issued back in July or August I think. The flayer presents 5 new smatphones with the slogan “The newbies of Orange. Everything fades

Orange devices

Orange devices

near them.” As always the regular prices are high, but one is offered also a choice of 3 programs which include a varying number of air-time minutes, data package and the device itself. The more minutes you one purchases the more expensive phone he gets.

Pelephobe MObile Broadband

Pelephobe Mobile Broadband

Now, the latest mobile broadband deal from Pelephone. The operator has adopted a very popular deal used by many companies in the world. Join the specific data plan (ILS 159 per months) , buy a USB modem (ILS 10-15 per months) and get a lap-top for free. Of course the contract is for 18 months but the prices are valid only if the customers stays for 36 months.

Staying with Pelephone. Two propositions for the Prussian-speaking audience. All the operators crate special plans and offers for this segment which are usually more beneficial than the regular ones. One day I’ll dedicate a post to this subject.

The first one is a brochure, generally promoting the mobile Internet and TV. The inner pages

Pelephone Internet content

Pelephone Internet content

Pelephone Internet content

Pelephone Internet content

provide a list of available TV channels and main Websites and the key line: ” enjoy the TV channels and mobile Internet as much as you wish – for only ILS 24.90 per month. On the back we see detailed instructions how to use the service.

The second one is an SMS package offer accompanied by additional staff. Russian-speaking customers are

offered an “Enjoy unlimited SMS” program which includes 500 texts each months and a graded call plan up to ILS 0.42 per minute. All

Pelephone Internet Content

Pelephone Internet Content

this for ILS 24.9. Additional options are 100 minutes for calls to the family for ILS 9 per months or 100 minutes for call to 3 favourite numbers within Pelephone network also for ILS

Pelephone SMS

Pelephone SMS


On the next page 6 devices are presented. Pelephone offers to them as a “present” as a rebate

for users who speak more than 99 minutes per months. This is a nice deal for power users even taking into consideration all the “extra conditions” written in small letters.

Pelephone SMS

4 Responses to Mobile POS of the Holy Land #2

  1. David says:

    With the economic downturn in full swing it seems that Israeli telecomms providers are not anticipating a potentially greater appeal in the PAYG market. For example I am send this message to you courtesy of a HSDPA USB Modem supplied in the UK by 3. I pay £10 (60 NIS) for one month’s usage up to a maximum of 1GB of downloads. I get speeds of up to 2.8 mbps and I only add money to the account when I want to. If I don’t want to use the modm for any month, I don’t pay.

    I brought my modem with me to Israel last month but it failed to gain access to the Orange 3G network which is supposed to support it. However it worked brilliantly in Italy a few weeks before that.

    In contrast to what we have in the UK, I have noticed that the cost of using my Orange Big Talk PAYG sim card in my mobile phone has increased greatly in the last 18 months. I find this sad as PAYG is an excellent way of parents educating their children in the proper and economic use of airtime and with such a young population and steady levels of tourism, it is an area that companies such as Orange should be supporting rather than milking to the point where volumes decrease for the sake of cost.



  2. mic222 says:

    You’re absolutely right…yet sometimes it seems that parents in Israel educate their children to talk more not less 🙂

    And as I wrote in Looking for pre-paid in Israel, PAYG is totally undeveloped and practically nonexistent in Israel. As a result there is no competition in the field so the prices are high and te service is insufficient.

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