Impessions from Cellcom’s ZmanIsMoney



Today I finally found a free hour to test Cellcom’s paid-ads service zmanismoney which was launched last month. This was also delayed due to the fact that I don’t posses a Cellcom phone so I had to leech on sombody.


OK. To the business now. I started with a short registration form, filling in the basic details and creating a user name. The next button brought me directly to the first advertisement screen which was looking like this. The screen tells you that you are able to earn 1 minute of air-time by watching the swatch commercial. After I watched the ad, another screen appeared asking to questions (in order to check whether I really was watching).


After I answered the questions (correctly!) I was informed that the minute which was promised to me is now mine.

My general conclusions are:

a) The service is very simple to use and very accessible too. By to clicks at most you get the ad, two clicks more and you’ve got the minutes. Surely, one doesn’t have to be a computer genius to operate the service.

b) The service provides a smooth and convenient ad watching experience. It seems that site developers decided to downgrade videos quality in order to get the best performance even on relatively slow connections. In addition, the surrounding space is neat and clear in my opinion.

c) I’ve played for a while with the service (I’ve earned 8 minutes. Cool!). Besides Swatch, I’ve seen commercials of Redbull, Orbit and more. However large part of the commercials promotes Cellcom services. So apparently Cellcom has additional work to do in recruiting more companies for the innitiative.

d) The questionnaire in the end of each video is fair. It presents two types of questiones: regarding the details of the commercial and also general questions about your interest in the promoted product.

As far as I know Cellcom hasn’t published yet any figures regarding the success or failure of zmanismoney but after using the service for a short time, I think it has a real chance to succeed. If I were a teenager which is the main target audience of the service I would spend a few hours each months watching ads to get the maximum of 45 free minutes. On the other hand, young audiences is very much affected by trends and fashions so the question is will the youngsters youth the service after the advertising campaign stops.

The swatch commercial I’ve watched

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