Partner joins the global trend – Launches an all-inclusive plan



The holidays are over and Partner/Orange is back in business with a new high scale campaign for a new range of tariff propositions. The first aired spot focused on the main message – it’s good to know exactly how much will you pay in the end of the month. The creative idea demonstrates people on a street opening their umbrellas before the rain starts.

The further ads offer a concept which is a mix of ideas spread around the globe but relatively new  in Israel. Partner presents a range of different packages divided into four usage patterns. Each pattern symbolized with an animal (very similar to Orange UK): a butterfly for light users, a dolphin for SMS lovers, a kangaroo for families and a parrot for power users. Here is a nice looking dedicated Orange-packages website.

A banner of the campaign. It says “choose the card for you”.

Orange packages banner

Orange packages banner

For a comparison banner from Orange UK

Orange animals pre-paid

Orange animals pre-paid

For each pattern 2-3 flat rate packages are offered a basic one and more expensive. The packages are all-inclusive: each one includes voice minutes, text messages, data and a payment for basic mobile phone.

The concept resembles to me O2 UK Pay Monthly tariffs and also Tutto Compreso from the Italian TIM. The first also highlight the simplicity of the cost control but don’t feature any built-in data bundles (one can add the as a bolt-on). The latter are very much similar to the new Partner plans. I would also mention a Simply everything plan of the American Sprint. It’s main feature is simplicity no packages, no bundles just one plan which includes all possible services.

Here is a comparison table:

The basic device included are: Sony Ericson K660i, Nokia 3120C, Samsung J630.

It’s a little bit difficult to compare prices as no plan except for Partner’s includes a device. However, if we reduce a sum of about $13 which are counted for the device, it can be seen that the basic plans are relatively not expensive while the “heavier” plans are far more pricey in Partner than in any other operator. In addition, Partner doesn’t provide any unlimited plan – the most expensive plan available provides only 1200 minutes and 600 texts. The positive side is the wide selection of the plans available. This demands from subscribers to take some time and choose the plan that fits his/her usage pattern the most.

So, we’re still waiting for “Simply everything” of our own.

One Response to Partner joins the global trend – Launches an all-inclusive plan

  1. ANANT says:

    resp sir
    few month ago i have recieve mail from OTDC(orange telecommuniction devp comp.)that i win some amount in draw is it true or not beause they send letter on letter pad of orange logo i reply them today also they send me mail pls reply what is this

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