Pelephone starts the build-up for GSM



Pelephone is running an interesting device promotion campaign. Pelephone offers to buy now a new handset, sign a contract for 18 months and after one year to get a a new, more advanced device for free. A TV spot showcases the first “A Star is born” (the Israeli version of the American Idol) diva – Ninnet. She buys a new phone, a year passes and she returns to Pelephone store to get a new one. The spot is a bit strange. In order show that a year has passed copywriters used a creative presentation of four seasons. That’s OK but… there is no snow in Israel and other seasons don’t look Israeli too…It seem more like Romania. Oh what a surprise the commercial was actually shut there.

Pelephone devices ad

Pelephone devices ad

It seems that the campaign prepares the ground for the expected GSM network launch in the beginning of 2009 (today Pelephone operates a CDMA infrastructure). Naturally after the launch Pelephone will have to transfer the customers to the new network as quickly as possible to avoid operating both networks for a long period. So the current promotion is building a mechanism for the fast switch which otherwise may take time.

Here is the spot:

And the POS brochure. It offers a choice of six handsets and a personal voucher which gives you the right to get another device one year from now.

Pelephone brochure

Pelephone brochure

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