ZmanIsMoney Results



I’ve put my hands on a brochure issued by Cellcom for advertisers. The brochure lists the advantages of the ZmanIsMoney platform. The key message Cellcom tries to convey is that the platform enables advertisers to pay only for “proved views” of their commercials. Two additional points state that TimeIsMoney uses Pull marketing – consumers choose to watch an ad clip by their own will and moreover, the platform provides the ability for a accurate segmentation and therefore precise targeting.

The more interesting part (at least for me) is  statistic charts providing valuable figures. One pie chart gives us the age segmentation of TimeIsMoney users. While, as expected, the main age category are teenagers (12-18), it’s kind of a surprise for me that consumers aged 28-35 are responsible for 14% of the audience. Moreover, 35+ aged consumers accounted for significant 9%.  What causes people at the top of their carrier to spend their valuable time in order to get a few shekels which won’t be enough to cover 10% of their monthly bill…?

I must admit I’ve no reasonable answer for this question. One idea that still comes up is the possibility that personal details users fill in are not accurate. For example, kids who want to participate, may fill in the details of they parents as they are not sure if they are allowed to take part.

The second chart is less interesting. It shows the segmentation between male and female users. In this case there is a parity between the two parts of the humanity.

Here is the brochure. Sincere apologies for the scan quality.

Zmanismoney results

Zmanismoney results

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