Is Partner a new multi-player? Not yet.



Today Partner officially launched commercially its ISP and fixed telephony services. The launch was long expected and the question was what would be the proposition Partner would market. I personally thought that Partner will leverage its advantage over the competitors – the ability to bundle fixed services with mobile packages. It seemed obvious that this way the operator would be able to provide greater discounts and present more attractive offer. Moreover, there is one very important difference between fixed and mobile markets: in the mobile market consumers are used to a long term contracts (at least 18 months) while in home telephony and broadband long contacts are rare. So, IMHO, bundling all the services together may help Partner to educate the market to long contracts in fixed services too.

Instead, Partner presented only a limited bundle – broadband and telephony. The offer includes a few flat rate options with varying band width (1.5MB – 5MB) and minutes to all destinations (600-2400). I haven’t seen yet any commercial but, surprisingly, it seems that Partner is going to position the new services as premium offers. It starts from the price – it’s not cheap at all, Partner has declared that it’s not going to compete in this parameter. In addition, the range of cordless phones presented by the carrier includes devices priced up to ILS 720 ($190), part of them Orange branded.

I guess that this first offer will be followed by an all-inclusive bundle. When we take a look on a broader picture we must see also the recently launched “Orange time” service. It’s a video content web portal which offers downloadable movies and TV shows in pay-per-view model. The portal by itself doesn’t create competition to cable and satellite TV but if Partner succeed in merging it in the bundle, it may became a value-added service which make the difference between Partner and other telco’s.

Orange time commercial

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  1. Daniel says:

    I was having major speed issues to the USA with Bezeq International. At one point my upload speed was faster than my download speed. So I changed to Orange….WHAT A DIFFRENCE. I get almost maximum bandwidth back to the USA (5 meg down and 512k up). Also they gave me a free N draft router that has a USB sever on it so I can set up NAS with an external hard drive. The only bad thing was the orange guy came two hours late.

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