Pelephone launch a new ad campaign



For the last two weeks, people roaming the streets could have seen the wide spread of outdoor ads promoting Pelephone’s new “High Speed GSM” network.

The ad features some sort of creature painting a sign announcing the new “high speed” network, an announcement that refers to the new HSPA network launched by Pelephone a month ago, the most advanced network in the world. the only HSPA network in Israel so far.Along came the TV ad today available in this post for all of you viewers.

Another interesting activity Pelephone has carried out is establishing a temporary pop-up concept store. The temporary store spreads on 1,200 meters showcasing the new HSPA network handsets allowing customers to explore enjoying a unique customer experience.


This launch is a big one, especially for Pelephone. Pelephone was established in 1986 as the first mobile operator in Israel, but ever since then it was known as the last one to arrive to all the other parties… A significant factor which contributed to that notion was Pelephone’s persistent hold on its CDMA network.

At last Pelephone has a brilliant chance to get rid of the “last one in” syndrome it has been suffering from since Cellcom joined Orange and launched it GSM network a few years ago.

But… before I let you go back to your affairs, its time for some criticism- The outdoor ads? not so attractive at all. No sense of innovation in the outdoor campaign unfortunately, and I also really don’t like the new HSPA network logo that is so conservative and boring..

The TV ad is much nicer and communicates the innovation though I don’t really get whats that thing about the wedding… and what’s the message (I mean except from a new world).

Actually, the biggest problem Pelephone has with the key promotional message is that they actually have the same network as their competitors- so they can’t claim for any unique sales proposition.

So CHEERS to Pelephone and good luck with the new network!

6 Responses to Pelephone launch a new ad campaign

  1. mic222 says:

    I don’t think Pelephone claims to be the only HSPA network. This wouldn’t be true. They just say the have the fastest network. This may be true as they maximal theoretical speed of their Ericsson equipment is 7.2 Mbps while Partner and Cellcom have about 3 Mbps.

  2. stavik says:

    Hi mic, note taken and I updated the post.

  3. […] of outdoor posters. I believe that every third billboard in the country is covered right now with Pelephone’s strange creatures. Yet, I must say that I prefer to see these creatures instead of the annoying faces of the […]

  4. zahal zahlili says:

    Great blog – I didn’t know you guys are doing this… Kol hakavod – g.

  5. RyanB says:

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  6. AndreSimms says:

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