Orange Israel pushes on customer service experience

Orange has recently launched two initiatives to ease their customers:

The first is My Orange, a new page on its WAP portal will allow cutomers to check thair bills, and modify their subscription directly from their mobile.

The second service is a callback servie allowing customers calling the customer care center on peek times to hang up the phone and hold their position on the line.  The customer will recieve a call back when his turn arrives.

Here is ‘My Orange’  commercial:


3 Responses to Orange Israel pushes on customer service experience

  1. […] Orange have recently changed the way they deliver their repair service as well as the whole processes inside their points of service and sale around Israel. […]

  2. Remko Dobber says:

    DO NOT SIGN ANY CONTRACTS WITH ORANGE ISRAEL! Or at least make sure a qualified lawyer reads them first. I feel I sold my soul to the devil when I signed up with them.

    We went to live in Israel for a year in 2007, and we got a contract for 3 mobile telephones with Orange. The salesperson sold us 2 handsets (standard Sony Ericsson, nothing fancy) that would work out for free if we made reasonable use of the telephones.

    In 2008 we returned to Spain, and we tried to cancel the mobile telephone lines. Orange told us that we had to continue paying for the terminals, or else we would have to pay a fine of 4000 (!) shekels, according to our contract (which was only available in Hebrew). So we continued paying the monthly fees, waiting for our obligations to end, which should work out less expensive.

    Then in 2009 I was in Israel for a month and, not having learned from my previous mistakes, I contacted Orange for a mobile Internet connection. I made it very clear on the phone that I needed it for only one month, and I paid the equipment in full, and after the month was up, I called Orange to make sure they’d cancel the line again, and they told me that they had cancelled it. During the months following this, Orange charged me for 20GB Internet every month through my Israeli bank account, and I called several times every month trying to get it cancelled, without any luck. Every time the Orange call center employee would tell me that they would stop charging me for the Internet, but they didn’t.

    Now, 4 months later, I suddenly find that Orange has taken more than 4000 shekels out of my account, without my consent, and the call center says they have decided to cancel our account and charge us whatever they feel we owe them.

    I truly feel completely helpless and impotent when dealing with Orange Israel. This was one of the most expensive lessons I have ever learned: do not deal with Orange.

  3. judah says:

    The orange sales department is fantastic they are great sales people, make you feel confident about there services that you made the right choices. It is all great until you start getting the bills and you find out what you really signed up for was not what you thought. The fees keep on changing we have been told one thing and the bill comes with a difffrent price, you call they say you di not understand eventhough you may have wrote everything down. Being in this country they take your money before you get your bill it make it harder to fight.

    Our real problems started, ever since we went paperless with orange it has been a disastrous. For over a year they have not sent a bill. we called and called still no bill. we got tiered so we stop paying and switched to cellcom.

    Then lawyer letters started to come, still no one to talk to and then they froze my account. Finally we spoke with the lawyer settled the amount. We were told by Friday or Sunday they unfreeze the account. Sunday afternoon we got a call from orange sorry we forgot to take your credit card we cant unfreeze your account. Still fighting mean while i have charges from my bake account because the non of my horat keva went threw.

    After seeking to few people they said all have had difficulty with Orange and there customer service, there billing methods and adding thing that you never ordered.

    I would recommend not even start with Orange and if you do have them write everything down and it should be signed including the cancellation clause. It should be done in your language. Even people who are fluent in Hebrew, find there contact that is printed in light ink cumbersome to read. We need to fight back for consumer protectionism. After being a customer for 10 years they don’t care, except if we all get together and let the public aware.

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