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“The Mobile Blog of Israel” Team:

michael shtern

My name is Michael Shtern.

I’m working for some time for Adkit Global Information& Research as a mobile analyst. The work has also became my hobby (yes I know – that’s bad!) so i decided to open this blog so I won’t be bored at home.

Feel free to request additional information.

2 Responses to About us

  1. David says:

    Hey Michael,

    First of all, let me wish you a Shana Tova, and may it be a happy, a healthy and a sweet new year.

    Second, I wanted to share some mobile news (didn’t see anywhere to email you, hope it’s OK to leave this here.)

    I work with 12seconds.tv, and tomorrow we’re launching a mobile viewing version of the site. Here’s my channel (http://12seconds.tv/channel/drs650)

    Starting tomorrow there will be a mobile version of the site at: http://m.12seconds.tv

    We’re putting up a blog post tomorrow as well, it will be at this URL: http://12seconds.wordpress.com/2008/10/01/m12seconds

    We’d love to have you cover the news if you think it’s interesting. Hope all is well.

    David Speiser

  2. Annick Van Craenendonck says:


    We are a company in Belgium, making savings for our clients regarding everything related to mobile telephony (voice, data etc.)
    We will be in Israel from tomorrow till next Tuesday.
    Can we get in touch with either one of you to get some information about the Israeli mobile telecom market?
    You can reach us on our mobile 32 477 39 46 82
    Best regards,
    Philip Houtmeyers
    Annick Van Craenendonck

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