Orange Israel pushes on customer service experience

July 6, 2009

Orange has recently launched two initiatives to ease their customers:

The first is My Orange, a new page on its WAP portal will allow cutomers to check thair bills, and modify their subscription directly from their mobile.

The second service is a callback servie allowing customers calling the customer care center on peek times to hang up the phone and hold their position on the line.  The customer will recieve a call back when his turn arrives.

Here is ‘My Orange’  commercial:


Who said mobile advertising!?

September 20, 2008


Wednesday night, watching news and updates on the primaries in the Kadima party, I noticed a spot from Cellcom promoting a new initiative. The ad presented a hot bikini model walking by the pool and then a freaky voice (why do ad agencies think that you must talk to teenagers with voice of heavily drugged person) orders the naive viewers to not watch this ad unless they are paid for.

A short googling showed that this is the beginning of a huge campaign (ILS 7 million) to promote a new service of mobile advertising. Cellcom offers its subs to watch ads, answer some questions and be paid by air-time minutes. Read the rest of this entry »