Pelephone Launches Musix

June 27, 2009


To you readers it might seem as if we are Pelephone fans, but it isn’t so, it is just that Pelephone provides us with more material for posts lately since it begun its re-branding campaign.

So today I’d like to share some content news: Pelephone has launched an ‘unlimited’ music download service called musix. The service cost 20 ILS per month and allows customers to download an unlimited amount of music track from a library of 250,000 songs and play them on their mobile or PC.

So what’s the catch? The songs will be available to customers as long as they are registered to the service for 20 ILS. If they choose to cancel the service the whole list of songs will be erased, so think carefuly if you would like to subscribe to the service since though you can cancel the service anytime, it is unlikley you would like to do so after acquiring a large number of songs.

This is what the service looks like:

Musix Service








And you can check out the internet ad (Banner) here:


Two thoughts on mobile in Israel

December 24, 2008

post_iconIt’s quiet a busy time, so no posts for a long time. But I’ve two things that I fill I must share with no further delay.

As in many parts of the world it’s holiday time in Israel now. It’s not about Christmas, it’s about Hanukkah. So yesterday, while biting a Sufgania (a traditional Hanukkah doughnut) I though to myself that Israeli MNO’s don’t have the nice tradition to offer special promotions for holidays. They offer a minor bonus or either don’t offer anything at all. For example, Pelephone offers its customers to enjoy free SMS messages for the Hanukkah week. Another example are Partner’s and Cellcom’s roaming offers during the Passover vocation. But I couldn’t remember any promo of a call plan or any other thing designed specifically for holidays. Looking on discounts and lucrative offers which are running now across Europe makes me envy 🙂

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