Orange and cellcom launch partnerships- a few updates

June 27, 2009


Orange Partners with ‘Bug’

Orange has announced a partnership with ‘Bug‘, a chain of 50 computer stores across Israel. The partnership will allow Orange (Partner) to operate sales counters iwithin the stores in order to promote the sales of Orange’s  (Partner) broadband/ mobile broadband, netbooks, landlines and additional products. The strategic partnership comes a few months after Partner has waived on operating its points of sales in ‘Superpharm’ durgstore chain, who has been in a long partnership with Orange  which was established almost from Orange’s first day in Israel.

Pelephone has already replaced Orange in operating  ‘Superpharm’s points of sale and it seems that Orange needed to change location in order to change customers preception of it services range. In order to communicate to customers that the service range includes a strong link to internet thease day it was important to sell it alongside with computers. This step further emphsizes that Orange is a quad-player.

 Cellcom Partners with ‘Egged’

Cellcom has partnered with ‘Egged‘ transportation (bus company) and ‘Transpot’, in a project that will see that bus passengers will have the ability to track the driving path and know the approximate estimation of arriving to their final destination.

The information will be displayed to passengers on two screens: one near the entry door and the driver, and the other near the exit door.

Well, this sounds kind of cool! The mobile blog of Israel can’t wait to check that out..

What do you think?

Pelephone GSM. A few updates

April 1, 2009


The HighSpeed GSM campaign is continuing. The message has shifted from the general information (new network, new experience) to particulate offers. It has started with outdoor posters of the t new GSM handsets form Nokia and Erickson and has continued with a new roaming proposition. The last worth a few words. One of the main targets of building a new network  was a creation of a relevant roaming proposition as a significant revenue share of every GSM operator comes from the voice (and lately data) roaming. Being a CDMA carrier Pelephone wasn’t able to match competitors’ propositions in this field. So, I’ve expected an effort to bring something new to the roaming market, especially in light of the Passover holidays traditional price war between the carriers in this sphere.

I must admit that this time Pelephone hasn’t disappointed me. The started offering some kind of flat rate for calls from abroad. One can pay a monthly charge of  ILS 20 (for at lest 12 months) and then call for ILS 0.59 per minute with additional charge of ILS 4 per call. Of course this option may be attractive only for a frequent traveler;  taking into consideration that the lowest price offered by Partner and Cellcom is about ILS 1.5 per minute,  those who travel a lot and speak at least 270 minutes during the year will find the offer attractive. However, due to the limited target audience of the offer it’s unclear whether it will leave a significant fingerprint on the market.

The spot promoting the proposition is nice and communicates the message of connection between different worlds. I think this commercial is by far better than the first one and definitely much clearer. Here it is, enjoy!

And one more thing: As I’ve predicted, Pelephone is trying to make use of the new unutilized network and has already begun slashing price on the mobile broadband. It has recently launch a limited proposition for students offering a monthly package of 10 GB and USB modem for ILS 60.  This is compared to ILS 120 for an unlimited package in Cellcom.

Why Israelies don’t ‘buy’ the mobile broadband idea

November 22, 2008


It was on June 2008, when Pelephone has launched its 4M ILS (1.6M $) campaign to promote it’s new mobile broadband+ laptop bundle.

The offer was considered innovative at the time, since operators only started offering a free lap-top in Europe  after Orage UK‘s successful launch in July 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

Mobile POS of the Holy Land #2

October 18, 2008

The operators are still in their Sukkot sleepiness, nothing new on the market. So I’ve rummaged through some old staff and here is some delicious “oldies” for you:

Last spring Partner has launched a memory back-up application called ORANGE FOREVER. The carrier offered to store user’s phone book, multimedia files, messages etc. on it’s server and then get an access to all this through a PC or any other device connected to the Internet.

Orange Forever

Orange Forever

The offer was heavily promoted in electronic and printed media. Cellcom, which has launched a Read the rest of this entry »