Israel Debates Permitting MVNOs in the Market

July 3, 2009

post_iconIsrael’s Knesset, or Parliament is debating plans to permit the launch of MVNOs in the country. ­The Economic Arrangements Bill, being debated by the Knesset Economics Committee, accompanys the state budget and includes a clause to permit MVNOs in the country. The Ministry of Communications initially proposed plans for MVNOs earlier this year. The incumbent operators have until this week to lodge their opinions on the new legislation, and the Knesset is expected to vote on the bill around the middle of next month. If passed, then MVNOs could start applying for licenses within a couple of months. The legislation gives the network operators up to six months to come to a commercial agreement with any licensed MVNO – after which the government would step in to impose an agreement. The country has been debating the entry of MVNOs since at least 2007, when a report from National Economic Research Associates, commissioned by the regulator came down in favour of their services. The network operators in turn responded with their own study, carried out by LECG, which came to the opposite conclusion.

Source: Cellular News

Pelephone. The new GSM network is here… but…

February 6, 2009


More than a month without a single line it a long time, but actually January wasn’t too busy with mobile events. So I’ll jump straight to February 3rd. After a long development period, delays and rumors Pelephone has launched its new network working in GSM standard. Read the rest of this entry »

Pelephone interactive UMTS campaign

December 16, 2008


Pelephone has launched a new online ad campaign called “Sim- TaSim” (put the Sim in hebrew), targeting teenagers and promoting its new UMTS network.

The campaign is the second initiative to promote Pelephone’s new pre- launched UMTS network, following  the previous “Renewing twice a year” campaign featuring the popular singer Ninet Tayeb.

The new promotion features an on-line interactive game inviting customers of all operators to register to a contest. Participants are required to find sim card numbers hidden in ads appearing on several websites every day between 16:00-21:00 PM.



Each round hour Pelephone will distribute 20 handsets (Sony Ericsson W760) to the winners, a total of 1,000 handsets to be given away.

Winners would be obligated to sign an 18 months contract with Pelephone in order to receive the prize… a smart move for Pelephone but also a small disappointment for customers applying to the contest.

The interactive game reminded me of something similar (but much bigger and more successful) Orange UK did a few months ago… check it out here  and let me know what you think 🙂


Pelephone starts the build-up for GSM

December 2, 2008


Pelephone is running an interesting device promotion campaign. Pelephone offers to buy now a new handset, sign a contract for 18 months and after one year to get a a new, more advanced device for free. A TV spot showcases the first “A Star is born” (the Israeli version of the American Idol) diva – Ninnet. She buys a new phone, a year passes and she returns to Pelephone store to get a new one. The spot is a bit strange. In order show that a year has passed copywriters used a creative presentation of four seasons. That’s OK but… there is no snow in Israel and other seasons don’t look Israeli too…It seem more like Romania. Oh what a surprise the commercial was actually shut there. Read the rest of this entry »