iPhone Campaign- Orange (Partner), Cellcom and Pelephone Join Hands

September 7, 2009

post_iconCellcom, Partner (Orange brand) and Pelephone, will join efforts and resources in order to launch one single iPhone capaign for all Israeli operators bringing the iPhone.
Each operator has obliged to contribute 1.5 million ILS 聽in order to promote iPhone sales together with the exact same campaign. Yes you are reading correctly- the “fierce” competition will be forgotten through the campaign in order to creat a win-win situation for operators.

Actually this initiative kind of makes sense, because Apple doesn’t allow any of the operators to change the campaign creative-聽with the same (boring, techy) ads in every country regardless of culture, religion and weather 馃檪 …

Apple is expected to contact the Commissioner of regulation Ronit Kann to ensure that the activity is conducted in accordance with the regulation – which according to Apple, could delay the launch…

The mobile blog of Israel is speculating that Apple may use this as an excuse to delay the launch and maybe just didn’t manufature enough iPhones to fulfil the demand聽… and not just in Israel.. (then again just a speculation).

Meanwhile The Mobile Blog of Israel is considering to buy a little Android baby for itself, but waiting for a true Hero..

Cellcom launches Cellcom Volume

September 5, 2009


Cellcom will revive Arad festival on Sukkot holiday (Festival of booth) between the 5th- 7th of October, 聽for teenagers and young adults.

The operator will turn the Arad city to a city of聽 music, after a few years in which the festival has been shut down. Participants will enjoy live performances and parties.聽 Estimated project cost – 14 million NIS.

Among artists intended to prefom: Ivri Leader, Aviv Gefen, Yonni Bloch, Assaf Amdursky, Maor Cohen, Shiri Maymon and more…

The festival will be called “Cellcom Volume Arad” like previous Cellcom festivals such as “Cellcom Volume Kineret“.

It seems that Cellcom are ready to invest a lot of money in order to engage youth segment with the brand and to connect the Cellcom brand with other types of media rather than mobile, such as : music and entertainment.

Here’s the TV ad for the new activity (Notice it says Cellcom Media on it). Ireally liked it, it’s really different from other Cellcom TV ads which usually focus on what’s Israeli and targets an emotional focus. This time it’s actually catchy, hip, and has a real message that comes through.



Pelephone’s New Musix Ad- An Update

August 15, 2009

Samsung Galaxy with android OS now available through Cellcom

August 9, 2009

cellcom聽聽聽聽聽 Cellcom is introducing today the first Android based device in Israel, the Samsung Galaxy.Galaxy

According to reviews from around the globe the Galaxy is an android based phone better fitted for mainstream users and not just technophiles (Like me 馃檪 ).

The Samsung Galaxy (i7500) is featuring a 3.2 inch AMOLED touchscreen display, and 5-megapixel camera (with LED flash).

With a thickness of just 11.9 millimeters, the Galaxy handset is actually slimmer than both the HTC Magic and the Apple iPhone 3G.

聽The handset will be available for eager shoppers for 94.50 ILS per month on a 36 months contract with a monthly rebate cutting the price to 10 ILS per month for heavy users with a 399 ILS monthly bill. (A price much too expensive for yours truly..)

In order to promote the new device, Celcom has launched a contest urging people to photograph a unique object they own and explain why it is so unique in order to win and trade that object for a brand new Galaxy Phone.

10 of the most unique objects will be聽traded for 10 Samsung Galaxy handsets.


Update: Cellcom has launched a commercial for the new Andriod device saying : “There’s nothing like the first time excitement” implying on being the first to launch the Android OS in Israel.


Pelephone said to be recruiting staff to prepare for iPhone

July 18, 2009

post_iconPelephone is rumored to start recruiting students聽for聽temporary sales positions in order to push iPhone and Andriod pre-sales and sales up until September.

Intersting.. Just to remind you that all operators (maybe except Cellcom? ) signed a contract with Apple obligating them to sell 80,000 iPhones per year.

And let’s finish with a poll – what do you think?聽 “The mobile blog of Israel” craves for your opinion.

A Few Updates: Musix Festival, Android, Palm Pre and iPhone

July 14, 2009

post_iconHi all,

A busy week for all mobile operators in Israel,聽a lot of bits and bytes to update you with.

Pelephone has started this month announcing聽the iPhone on its network. Its competitors Partner Orange and Cellcom have both declared they will also bring the iPhone to the holy land. (Cellcom took a while to decide but finnaly tumbled under the iPhone pressure) So soon Israel will be probably the only country in the world to offer iPhone from all operators… (well…except Mirs).

But Pelephone didn’t give up and is planing to bring the HTC Magic to Israel too. The Android based phone is likely to attract tech freeks聽(like me) who crave to have a linux based phone with all the capabilities of a smartphone and a QWERTY keyboard.

And another thing about Pelephone… It seem this company just keep working those engines…. they are also rumored to bring the Palm Pre to Israel to make Alia… “The Mobile Blog” promises to update on the matter.

And in a different Activity (again) Pelephone (good job guys!)聽is also launching this summer a music festival in Tel-Aviv that branded on the name of the new service launched recently: Musix. The festival will take place on the 19-20 of聽August, bringing young fans the singer “Lady Gaga”, Simple plan, kaiser chief and some local artists such as: Aviv Gefen, Monica Sex etc.

Pelephone customers will be able to purchase tickets in a lowered price: 199 ILS instead of 319 ILS for the whole festival. Aday pass will cost 149 ILS instead of 229 ILS.

Tickets can be purchased at: www.pelephone.co.il

Pelephone has also set up a mini-site for the festival-聽Here


And there聽is also a very nice commercial which I will try to upload as soon as I can.

Oh what a summer for mobile fans…


Mobile POS of the Holy Land #3. Pelephone prints

July 10, 2009


Hi! Ages have passed since my last post. Luckily, Stavik has been doing a great job in keeping the blog up to date. In the recent months she wrote about some interesting Pelephone activities so I decided to add a little color and聽scan a few printed ads of this operator.

Let’s start with the Global Pass聽– the new roaming offer. As Stavik described in her post the offer includes a聽 low (local-like)聽rate聽for calls from abroad for a fixed monthly fee and a聽relatively high call setup fee. Below are two prints: one is Global pass for business and the other for consumer. Interestingly, the only difference is in the price. Business version features lower monthly price (ILS 14.9 vs ILS 19.9), lower minute cost (ILS 0.49 vs ILS 0.59) and lower call setup fee (ILS 3.5 vs ILS 4).


Global Pass Business - outside

Global Pass business - inside

Global Pass business - inside

Global Pass consumer outside

Global Pass consumer outside

Global Pass consumer - inside

Global Pass consumer - inside

Additional print which also promotes the consumer version of the Global Pass communicates a message of the Pelephone’s global footprint聽thanks to its partnership with Vodafone Netherlands.

Global Pass - Vodafone

Global Pass - Vodafone

Global Pass - Vodafone

Global Pass - Vodafone

The next pomotion is聽MUSIX music service. The communicated offer is simple – ILS 19.90 for an unlimited access to 200,000 tracks of various genres. Two first month are free. I just聽wonder why there is no note, even in the smallest font that all the tracks are DRM protected and they may only be kept while the subscription lasts.

MUSIX - outside

MUSIX - outside

MUSIX - outside

MUSIX - inside

And the last (bonus 馃檪 ) print. A free laptop promotion for ILS 189 data plan subscribers.