Pelephone releases a new ad for roaming

June 13, 2009


If you read our blog regularly you probably noticed that Pelephone is on a row  and since launching its new GSM network new campaigns just keeps coming..

So as you probably know already (since you read are recent posts 🙂 ) Pelephone has recently launched its new roaming offer Global Pass , allowing business customers make calls for 0.59 ILS after a 4 ILS set-up fee. when does it pay off for the customer? only if yourphone convesations are usually long. for more details see previous post: Here.

So after all the introduction, Pelephone has released a few days ago a new ad featuring Vodafone Netherlands as a strategic  roaming partner. The roaming agreement was signed on 2006 already but Pelephone ultimatly decided to advertise it only now, my assumption is that the agreement was signed over GSM networks Pelephone never had until now.. (not that it wasn’t in use since Pelephone provided GSM phones for travelers but it was less convenient for customers).

Pelephone has recently announced that during summer time travelers joining Global Pass will do it for free without subscription charges and with no commitment to a service period.

The ad doesn’t say how many roaming partners Pelephone has or how many countries around the world they cover but it does say that Pelephone customers can use their phone from the the largest number of countries around the world.

Here’s the ad,


Pelephone GSM. A few updates

April 1, 2009


The HighSpeed GSM campaign is continuing. The message has shifted from the general information (new network, new experience) to particulate offers. It has started with outdoor posters of the t new GSM handsets form Nokia and Erickson and has continued with a new roaming proposition. The last worth a few words. One of the main targets of building a new network  was a creation of a relevant roaming proposition as a significant revenue share of every GSM operator comes from the voice (and lately data) roaming. Being a CDMA carrier Pelephone wasn’t able to match competitors’ propositions in this field. So, I’ve expected an effort to bring something new to the roaming market, especially in light of the Passover holidays traditional price war between the carriers in this sphere.

I must admit that this time Pelephone hasn’t disappointed me. The started offering some kind of flat rate for calls from abroad. One can pay a monthly charge of  ILS 20 (for at lest 12 months) and then call for ILS 0.59 per minute with additional charge of ILS 4 per call. Of course this option may be attractive only for a frequent traveler;  taking into consideration that the lowest price offered by Partner and Cellcom is about ILS 1.5 per minute,  those who travel a lot and speak at least 270 minutes during the year will find the offer attractive. However, due to the limited target audience of the offer it’s unclear whether it will leave a significant fingerprint on the market.

The spot promoting the proposition is nice and communicates the message of connection between different worlds. I think this commercial is by far better than the first one and definitely much clearer. Here it is, enjoy!

And one more thing: As I’ve predicted, Pelephone is trying to make use of the new unutilized network and has already begun slashing price on the mobile broadband. It has recently launch a limited proposition for students offering a monthly package of 10 GB and USB modem for ILS 60.  This is compared to ILS 120 for an unlimited package in Cellcom.

Mobile POS of the Holy Land #1

September 30, 2008

Happy new Jewish 5769 year to everybody! Today I start a new rubric. From time to time I’ll try to bring an overview of the most interesting POS materials of the mobile industry in Israel.

Cellcom zmanismoney

Cellcom zmanismoney

Let’s start with Cellcom’s ad for zmanismoney campaign. Read the rest of this entry »