Impessions from Cellcom’s ZmanIsMoney

October 19, 2008


Today I finally found a free hour to test Cellcom’s paid-ads service zmanismoney which was launched last month. This was also delayed due to the fact that I don’t posses a Cellcom phone so I had to leech on sombody.


OK. To the business now. I started with a short registration form, filling in the basic details and creating a user name. The next button brought me directly to the first advertisement screen which was looking like this. The screen tells you that you are able to earn 1 minute of air-time by watching the swatch commercial. After I watched the ad, another screen appeared asking to questions (in order to check whether I really was watching). Read the rest of this entry »


Mobile POS of the Holy Land #1

September 30, 2008

Happy new Jewish 5769 year to everybody! Today I start a new rubric. From time to time I’ll try to bring an overview of the most interesting POS materials of the mobile industry in Israel.

Cellcom zmanismoney

Cellcom zmanismoney

Let’s start with Cellcom’s ad for zmanismoney campaign. Read the rest of this entry »